Tell Us Who You Are

What would this opportunity mean to you; what do you hope to share with the Seattle community; what does it mean for you to be able to share your company in this way?

Residence at the La Marzocco café would be an adventure, an artistic endeavor with exciting parameters. We hope to share with Seattle our version of a café experience, which we’ve interpreted and reinterpreted through our own shop’s 25 years of existence. A sense of playfulness, of community connection and of engagement with coffee as a tool for bringing people together has been central to our cafes. Washington State holds a special place in our hearts, as it is where we (Jason and Ava) met, where Ava went to college (The Evergreen State College) and where our second set of roots are. To bring our coffee and creativity to the La Marzocco Café would mean strengthening our connection between Arkansas and Washington, bringing a part of Arkansas to share with the PNW community. On top of that, it would just be incredibly cool, the equivalent of playing the Carnegie Hall of coffee.