What would your menu look like?

For our coffee service we’ll focus on tasting a few coffees in several ways.  For example we’ll have our Centaur Blend as espresso and batch brew.  We’ll feature two single origin espressos and use the same coffees as pour over, batch brew and flash chilled ice coffee.  We’ll choose coffees that work well in multiple roles.  For example, we currently have Rwanda Gishamwana Island washed coffee and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Natural as espresso, pour-over, and batch brew.  We also have the Ethiopia Natural offered as flash chilled nitro coffee.     

Seasonal Menu

At our four cafes, we change our drink menu twice seasonally. We crowdsource ideas from our staff and customers and develop playful and delicious drinks to carry. Our residency menu lists several sample seasonal drinks. We would plan to tailor it to match the needs of the season of residency, should we be chosen. We make all our syrups and sauces in house, and we would provide recipes, instruction and training for preparing all perishable sauces and drink supplies. We can ship our house-made syrups.