Launch event and class ideas

What would you do to introduce yourself to the Seattle community? What would your level of participation/involvement look like. Will you and your team be present for training, launch, events during residency?  

We (Jason and Ava Arsaga, as well as our lead trainer, Loring Taoka) would plan to be on site and present for training and launch. In addition, our good friend and employee of 5 years, Joey Largent, recently relocated to Seattle, and he has expressed willingness to provide any additional support once we return to Arkansas.  


For the launch day in the café we would like to unveil The Perplexicon, a modified board game spinning wheel that has our seasonal drinks listed on it.  The idea is that the adventurous but undecided customer can spin the wheel to choose their drink for them. For the launch party, we'd offer a lower price for getting a drink via the wheel. This would help the baristas get familiar with the new menu and would help customers to try new things. After the launch party, the wheel would be available for customers to use if they want to try something new, and the cost would be the normal drink's price.

Our coffee director, Jason Arsaga, was involved with the PNW music community when he lived in Olympia and Neah Bay Washington.  He is friends with Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, Iji, Lake, Your Heart Breaks, Angelo Spencer et les hauts sommets.  If we are chosen for the residency, we would love to see who is available when our month is scheduled and ask our friends to play the opening night.

For the classes, we would like to use your home espresso lab to host classes for customers while we are in town setting up our residency. We’d teach the following classes: Why Don’t All Coffees Taste the Same?, Espresso 101, Milk Steaming 101, and Brew Science.  We can teach the classes to small groups and would hopefully have people signed up ahead of time.  The classes would be free. 

We have zines that we would send home with those who attend the class.

Brew Science