What equipment would you use in your residency?

What is necessary for you to share your coffee experience from our platform?

For espresso service we’d like to use (2) two-group Strada AV ABR’s.  We’ll program three different doses (37grams, 57grams, 77grams) using the auto volumetric dose pads.  We’ll run the Stradas in mass mode.   We’d like to place the machines on opposite ends of the bar with the barista’s backs towards each other.  This will allow the center island to be used as a common ingredients location for the two drink building stations.  This placement gives the customer at the register more than one perspective on the drink building process while allowing the two different barista stations to have different levels of customer engagement and or specific drink making priorities.  One station will focus on in house drinks and the second station will focus on to go drinks.  Both stations will work together when they are able.    


We’ll pre-dose espresso, pour over, and batch brew coffees.  We pre-dose espresso and pour over into plastic food grade containers with flip top lids.  Each container has an icon representing the coffee inside.

For grinders we prefer (2) EK-43s for filter and espresso service.    We’d adjust the espresso grinder to its zero positon and the filter grinder a little coarser in its finest setting.    We’re also open to using 2 of the new Mazzer ZM grinders instead of EK’s.  We’re familiar with EK’s but the ZM looks great too. 

For by the cup coffee, we’ll use (4) Saint Anthony Industries Phoenix 70 Brewers.  We’ll place the Phoenix 70’s on Hario glass servers.    We’ll use Chemex filters. We’ll use (2) Acaia Pearl scales for pour over coffee and weighing batch brew pre doses.  We’ll also use (1) Acaia Lunar for weighing pre-dosed espresso.

We’re familiar with Curtis batch brewers but noticed your café is using Fetcos.  We’re not picky about this.  We can program either brewer to match our recipe. 

We’d also like to turn your two, outward facing water taps inward towards the baristas.  One would use CO2 and remain soda water.  The second tap we would add a nitrogen tank and keep cold brew concentrate under very low pressure (4-5 PSI).

We’ll need (1-2) toddy style cold brew buckets.

Those are the essential elements to our service.  Any other pieces of equipment will be based on the season our residency happens.