Diversity and Inclusion

How are you and your company working to promote diversity and inclusion in the community?

In the community we promote diversity and inclusion through our donations program. We don’t spend money on advertising, choosing instead to allocate resources for donations. We donate time and supplies to local (and sometimes national, in the case of ACLU) groups that are dedicated to social justice, environmental stewardship, the arts and education. This allows us to share our resources with the community and to use our business as fuel for their causes. It creates more good will than advertising ever could.

Internally, we promote diversity and inclusion through our hiring and training practices. We employ a diverse crew, have strong anti-harassment policies, and we back our staff up when they confront mistreatment. This has landed us in hot water more than once in Fayetteville (see: http://5newsonline.com/2016/03/22/arsagas-barista-writes-open-letter-to-fayetteville-alderman/), but it has also resulted in our reputation as a progressive family business.

We have transparent benchmarks for raises that all employees are informed about in their initial training.  Raises are tied to performance, and we provide advanced classes to help staff reach those goals. For example, once they pour high scoring latte art, a barista receive a raise. They receive another raise for being able to prepare five drinks in under eight minutes. Being forthright and transparent in our pay/raise system allows staff to feel empowered and to feel like they are on a fair playing field with their coworkers.

Lastly, 62% of our management is female and our staff represents a high ratio of queer and gender non-binary people. We foster an environment of inclusiveness in our staff which in turn is projected out into the community at our shops. 

We donate to these organizations